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Fair Play


Fair Play holds all players and coaches accountable for their actions and behavior by rewarding proper behavior and good sportsmanship.

In the PAHL Fair Play system, each team at the start of the game can earn an extra “Fair Play” point in the standings for playing the game within the confines of the rules and with good sportsmanship. A team will not earn that Fair Play point if they exceed the defined penalty minute threshold established for that level of play, or a coach is assessed a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty. Additionally, if a team exceeds double that defined threshold, that team will lose a Fair Play point.

Research has shown that Fair Play increases sportsmanship, accountability, and player safety without compromising hockey’s competitive aspects. Results of the PAHL Fair Play program from season 13-14 through 17-18 reveal a 30% reduction in total 2/10 penalties.

FAIR PLAY POINTS will be an added component to the PAHL league standings. It will be implemented for all regular season league games. This means that a team can earn a maximum 3 points in the PAHL standings to count towards playoff positions for the season, or conversely lose points based on PIM.