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Pittsburgh Huskies


Nickname: Huskies
Colors: burgundy/blue

Founded: 2000


Pittsburgh Ice Arena
  700 Craigdell Road
  New Kensington, PA  15068

The Greater Pittsburgh Huskies Hockey Association was formed in 1997 to become the youth program at the Golden Mile Ice Center, which had been without a youth program since its previous tenant moved to a new arena.  The Huskies initially did not join the PAHL but then applied to do so in 2000, at which time they were accepted as a new member.

The Golden Mile Ice Center closed in 2003, but fortunately for the Huskies, the Valley Sports Complex opened that same year in nearby New Kensington.  So the Huskies relocated to that new rink, which was renamed the Pittsburgh Ice Arena in 2012.

The Huskies fell on some hard times in the late 2010s and into the early 2020s, shrinking to just one team for the 2022-23 season.  But when new ownership took over at Pittsburgh Ice Arena in 2022, the put considerable focus on making the Huskies a stronger organization and fielding more teams.